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Heather N Houser

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About the Artist


A self taught artist, my adventures in oil painting began in 2008. I graduated from Taylor University in 2000 with a degree in Chemistry Education. Currently I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with my husband Chris and our three young children.

Artist Statement

As I have only recently started painting from life, many of my plein air paintings are taken from the gentle Indiana landscape. In my studio work, I enjoy painting seascapes, more exotic locales and people in their every day activities. Having lived on three different continents as a child of missionaries, I have a fascination and appreciation for other lands and cultures and I hope to be able to spend more time on such paintings in the future.

Whether working outdoors or in the studio, I strive to express the glory of creation and the significance of human life. I try to have at least a small element of humanity in each of my paintings, even my landscapes, as humanity gives purpose to all of nature.

Painting is a spiritual experience for me. God has blessed me with a vehicle to make a small statement into the lives of others. I hope and pray that I can bring Him glory by reminding viewers of the beauty to be found in life, beauty that is a reflection of life's author.


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